Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Le Palais National, Port au Prince, Haiti

Devastated by the earthquake of January 2010, Haiti's presidential home has suffered many tragedies.

The Haiti National Palace, or Presidential Palace, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti has been built and destroyed several times over the past 140 years. The original building was demolished in 1869 during a revolution. A new Palace was built but destroyed in 1912 by an explosion that also killed Haitian president Cincinnatus Leconte and several hundred soldiers. The most recent Presidential Palace, shown above, was constructed in 1918.

Stamps are affixed on both front and back of the postcard!

(front) Christmas stamps 1999 (left) and 200 years constitution of 1801 (right)

(back) Les Frères Grimm, L’eau de Vie “Il était une fois un roi qui tomba malade et nul ne crut qu'il en réchapperait.”


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