Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Vietnamese traditional market.

According to the back of the postcard this is a Hà Tây Country market.  Hà Tây is a former province of Vietnam, in the Red River Delta, now part of Hanoi. 

The traditional market is still the major channel of retail In Vietnam, dating back more than a thousand years since the very first urban areas arose and society went into an organized structure under the rule of dynasties. There are approximately 9000 traditional markets nationwide and up to 80% of all retail sales are conducted through these traditional channels.

(left) This plant, Plumeria obtusa, is commonly known as Frangipani and is grown for its flowers. In Vietnam the Frangipani is also used for its healing qualities: the bark, mashed in alcohol, prevents skin inflammation, it is also used to treat indigestion and high blood pressure.

(right) Ao Daiis Vietnam's traditional dress, which was first designed over hundred years ago. It finally became Vietnam ladies' current formal dress, usually worn in formal events, festivals and is now a popular uniform for girl students.


Maria Kristina Maano said...

Now this inspires me to post my Vietnam traditional dresses stamp sheet :)

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