Friday, January 24, 2014

East Ninepin Island | 九針群島

Kwo Chau islands, also known as the Ninepin Group, are located to the east of Hong Kong island. There are three main islands and 29 small islands. The three main islands are South Ninepin Island, North Ninepin Island and East Ninepin Island. They look like nine pins from the sky. The name "Ninepin" is inspired by an old British game similar to modern day bowling.

Located in the open sea the islands are subject to the relentless impact of strong wind and waves, resulting in diverse peculiar coastal landforms, including steep cliffs, sea arches and various strangely-shaped rocks.

2006 bird-definitives: the White-bellied Sea Eagle and a Scarlet Minivet. The other stamp is part of a set of four stamps with topic Hong Kong festivals (issued 2012).


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