Monday, February 10, 2014

Tovar Colony, a German colonist town in Venezuela

Colonia Tovar (Tovar Colony in English) is a town in Venezuela, founded in 1843 by a group of almost 400 immigrants from Germany.

For nearly a hundred years they lived up there, without even a road connecting them to the rest of the country. Speaking German, preserving their own culture, and marriage outside of the community was prohibited. Today this town is a major tourist attraction. Many of the houses are built in Bavarian style.   

Two stamps to celebrate 200 years of independence from Spain. 


David Langan said...

How long did this postcard take to arrive from posting if you know. My cards from Venezuela took over 6 months to arrive. !!

TravellingPostcard said...

Im not sure David, I received it sometime ago. The card was dated 19 March 2013 and It might be one of the 60 postcards my mailman hided in his garage. But he was caught and in August 2013 I received my missing mail since 2011..

dustin15 said...

I did not know that something like this exists in Venezuela. It is a great card!

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