Monday, November 24, 2014

The Mosque of Uqba | Tunisia

Unesco world heritage site: the Mosque of Uqba in Kairouan
The Mosque of Uqba is situated in the Tunisian town of Kairouan. It is one of the most important mosques in Tunisia, established by the Arab general Uqba ibn Nafi in 670 AD.

international womens day 2013Located in the centre of Tunisia in a plain at an almost equal distance from the sea and the mountain, Kairouan is the most ancient Arabo-Muslim base of the Maghreb (670 AD) and one of its principal holy cities.

Kairouan is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tunisia issued a stamp in November 2013 supporting the battle against violence against women.


kingway said...

I don't have any postcard from Tunisia in my collection, so I'm envy ;)

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