Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aflaj Daris irrigation system from Oman

Aflaj are complete irrigation systems for a settlement. Using gravity, water is channeled from underground sources or springs to support agriculture and domestic use. For this WHS, five were chosen to represent some 3,000 still functioning systems in Oman. They are:
- Falaj Al-Khatmeen
- Falaj Al-Malki
- Falaj Daris
- Falaj Al-Jeela
- Falaj Al-Muyassar

The sites are an exceptionally well preserved form of land-use. They are still functioning as integral and essential aspects of the production systems of villages and towns, and are still managed by long-standing traditional systems within the communities they serve.

41st National Day: On this day the people of Oman pay tribute to His Majesty whose visionary and benevolent leadership has helped put the Sultanate firmly on a course to economic development and prosperity.


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