Monday, February 20, 2012

A Postcard from the West Indies: St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful, mountainous volcanic island with high peaks, majestic rain-forests and sandy beaches.

About 150,000 people, with 60,000 living in its capital, Castries, inhabit Saint Lucia. It was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French, the first European colonizers.

No official record of Saint Lucia's discovery, in historic times, has yet come to hand. Some say that Columbus navigator was the first European to discover Saint Lucia in 1499. But others state that the navigator's records of his travels reveal that he never set foot on Saint Lucia.

The French first arrived in 1667. Saint Lucia was alternately British and French for the next 150 years, before it was finally ceded to the British in 1814.

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From a set of 14 stamps issued in 2005 about fruits and nuts: a yellow mombin.

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