Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Postcard from Cyprus: Cypriots


Cyp·ri·ot: A native or inhabitant of Cyprus. Also called Cyprian.

In 1878 as a result of the Cyprus Convention, the United Kingdom received as a protectorate the island of Cyprus from the Ottoman Empire. On August 16, 1960 Cyprus gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

In July 1974 Turkey  invaded Cyprus . Turkish troops took control of 38% of the island. In 1983, the 1974 Turkish area declared itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey

(left) The Refugee Fund Tax Stamp. Every letter, postcard and parcel has to have an additional refugee postage stamp on it in order for it to enter the sending process. The proceeds of the refugee stamps go to the refugee fund, i.e. for the Greek Cypriots who became refugees from their homes in the north of Cyprus after the invasion in 1974.

(right) From 2011, Cyprus Embroidery


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