Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bula! from Fiji Islands

Set in the tropical South Pacific. The Fiji islands are surely the essence of a tropical island paradise. White Sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees and pristine oceans. The country comprises an archipelago of more than 332 islands, of which 110 are permanently inhabited. The majority of Fiji's islands were formed through volcanic activity started around 150 million years ago.

Bula, like the Italian prego or the Hawaiian aloha, is a word in the Fijian language that is now imbued with a variety of meanings, each of which depend on the given the situation. The word (pronounced as boolah) literally means “life” and is most commonly used as a greeting, meaning “hello!”.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers: St Johns Ambulance.

With nearly 300,000 members in 42 countries, St John Ambulance has diversified to meet local community needs around the world. In addition to first aid activities, it has developed ophthalmic and dental care, primary health care, youth programmes, relief work and disaster planning.


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