Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A herd of Przewalski's horses in Mongolia

Przewalski's horse is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse. First described in the late 19th century by Russian explorer N. M. Przewalski, the horse once freely roamed the steppe along the Mongolia-China border. Never again seen in the wild, Przewalski’s horses have since been kept and bred in captivity and have recently been reintroduced in Mongolia.

From a set of 4 stamps: Wild Animals, the Yak (2011).

This postcard travelled a very long time to reach its destination (my home). Well, Mongolia is far away, but….. there is another reason. Our local mailman decided not to deliver all of the mail, but save some in his garage. He was caught recently and about 10 days ago I found appr. 60 postcards in my mailbox. My missing postcards since 2011!


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