Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ulpiana and Novoberda | Kosovo

Kosovo Roman cities

Remnants of the Roman empire lie just 7 kilometres south east of Prishtina at the Ulpiana excavation site. The ancient city is believed to date back to the first century. At that time, the territories of Serbia, Kosovo, and portions of Macedonia and Bulgaria were known as the Roman province of Moesia Superior.

Novoberda was one of the biggest cities in Balkans and had a great importance. In 1400 it was the fourth largest city in Europe with a population of 60,000 (London had 40,000 at the time). It was regarded as one of the richest cities in Balkans because of its natural resources, and  was often called “the city of silver and gold”. All that remains today is the ruined castle, a derelict mosque and Byzantine era church.


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