Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apollo's Temple and St Paul's Pillar from Cyprus

Postcard #1  Temple of Apollo
This small temple, with its simple Doric columns, was one of the most sacred shrines of ancient Cyprus. The penalty for touching its altar was to be hurled from the nearby cliffs into the sea.

Postcard #2  St. Paul’s Pillar
Paphos , sometimes referred to as Pafos, is a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus. The town
of Paphos is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage.
On the right: It’s one of a series of 5 domestic animal stamps.

On the left: The Refugee Fund Tax Stamp. Every letter, postcard and parcel has to have an additional refugee postage stamp on it (cost as at January 2011 is 2 cents) in order for it to enter the sending process. The proceeds of the refugee stamps go to the refugee fund, i.e. for the Greek Cypriots who became refugees from their homes in the north of Cyprus after the invasion in 1974. See pictures above of the first refugee stamp, and the current issue which was released in 2009.


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