Friday, July 18, 2014

Lemurs of the Nahampoana Reserve, Madagascar

Nahampoana Reserve covers 67 hectares of rainforest near the south-east coast of Madagascar. The reserve is home to many endemic species like different kinds of lemurs, THE symbol of Madagascar.
Lemurs are a group of primates unique to Madagascar, exhibiting huge variation in size and appearance. The smallest, mouse lemurs, can be as small as one’s thumb. On the other end, there were grass-grazing lemur species that are estimated to have weighed over 400 pounds, but were driven extinct by the local people.

There are almost 100 existing species of lemurs. They get their name from the Latin word “lemures” meaning ghosts of spirits,

Jean Laborde (1805 – 1878) was an adventurer and early industrialist in Madagascar.


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