Friday, September 19, 2014

French island hideaway: The Fort de Bregancon

The Fort de Brégançon served as the official retreat of the President of France from 1968 to 2013. It is an old fortress on a tiny island off the French Mediterranean coast, connected to the mainland by a short causeway.

The 17th-century Fort de Brégancon hosted holidaying French leaders for almost 50 years. The current French president Francois Hollande has decided to break with tradition and open it up for the public.

Three amazing stamps from the 60’s!
(left) 1968 The 200th Anniversary of the Union of Corsica and France
(middle) 1966 National Congress of Philatelic Societies, Niort Cathedrale
(right) 1965 The 300th Anniversary of the Colonisation of Réunion


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