Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Island of Courage and Sorrow | Belarus

The (artificial) island of Courage and Sorrow is a memorial, dedicated to the fallen Belarusians who took part in the Afghan war. About 30,000 Belarusians fought in Afghanistan, 771 of them died. In the center of the monument there are figures of mourning women. They symbolize the Belarusian mothers mourning over their sons who did not return from the war.
Slutsk sashes are articles of Belarus manufactory weaving of the second half of 18th — the beginning of 19th centuries. They were called according to the place of origin — Slutsk town.


Hawwa Ma said...

Nice postcard and stamp, even in the matter is sad.

Limner said...

Beautiful island. A nice place for remembering the fallen. It's always the mothers . . .

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